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Menu Card : December 2010

Winds from North flipped the calender’s page to its last month.

I call this month as ” the mother of all months ” .
“why’s” answer – I was born in this month and also my mother was born this month. And also i would like to mention July to be the great month too, as my father was born in that month. ( I forgot to mention in the July 2010 post and can’t title July to be ” the father of all months “ cause it’s not sounding too perfect.)

Coming back to the pattern –

STARTERS – Month flagged off with much needed motivation and optimism.

MAIN COURSE – Ah! December, month full of celebrations, parties and holiday mood in any and every part of the World.
I chipped in with few contest entries from which some got shortlisted and remaining flew out of the list. Work was on, so was the December mood !!
First week was full of celebrations as both my mom’s and my birthday’s comes in the first week.
It was also a time for our Holy Visit clubbed with a Holiday to take a break from ever exhausting and stressful urban lifestyle. Well this time the trip turned out to be hectic to an extent where words are falling short to describe the intent but it was very much exciting too. We traveled great amount of kilometers via any means of transport (not over H2O though). Would have liked to share more about the journey here though but it will become quite lengthy.
The intent of work was a bit on the lower side as December is a holiday time but yes i was expecting a handful contracts to flourish but only one did as the others were sidelined on the last moment. The contract was for the logo of a firm manufacturing tee-shirts named – TopTenTeeShirts.com

Well.. Well.. Well.. Jumping from the trip to next landmark of the month – “CHRISTMAS“, time of joy and happiness filled with excitement and celebration. The party this time was clubbed with the upcoming Grand Day of the year – 31st of December.
Fast Forwarding to the 31st of Dec, The anticipated party was exciting and enjoyable. Finally clocked ticked to the nearest extent where people started the count-down and then came a loud cheer of a “Happy New Year” accompanied with fireworks. The party ended up pretty late but the sound of firecrackers around the complex yet remained constant. At the end of the day i was feeling very tired and sleepy but the noise of firecrackers was not allowing me to get a good sleep as every now and then a loud BOOM was waking me up. Well i don’t know at what time i did get some sleep, but when i woke up in the morning, it was a new one, the first 2011 morning…

SIZZLERS – The hectic trip.

DESSERT – The December Flavor.

ULTIMATE BILL – Maximum Satisfaction.

Well some tips here, guess what, ” Send the 2010 calendars to Recycling Centers “.

Here comes the end of 2010 so we are closing the gates of the restaurant for a brief while to open it again in 2011.


Would like to receive your views about the description based upon the dining theme approach.

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