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119th Contest

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

As i have a passion for logos i take part in freelance logo contests.
I had earlier won a contest for an Australian accountancy firm naming CJB Baker and Associates. Even there i was contacted privately and was given the contract.
On 8th August , i had made my biggest achievement in the logo career of mine as one of my designs in contest no.119  (from my counting of the number of the contests in which i have been part of ) was given a 5-star first before anyone else.This is was a great achievement for me irrelevant whether i win it or not and a perfect morale booster.
As simply contest rolled i was continuing to be one of the top choices. But a dramatic incident made me loose it. It was , when a new contestant entered, he gave a design which was far far away from design guidelines, but due to my bad luck he was awarded.
This thing is actually unjustified when you work upon guidelines and have a hold in the competition , another designer submits a design irrelevant of guidelines and is awarded. His design was a perfect copy of idea of another designer. Similarly my designs ideas were copied too.
From the incident i have learned that to survive in the race one cannot be a total ORIGINAL WORK freak ……it is bad to say this but this is bare truth.

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The ‘Race’ case

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

In a race a person will win or loose … but in this case ….
Race was going on between me and another designer for a particular contest/project and we were the only two preferred by the holder/client.
We were continuously racing with the amount of designs submitted …
At first i was in full lead but as the competitor arrived there was kind of race started, i was submitting 2 samples he was doing 3 , certainly since i was on the lead i out bursted him via submitting 4 fresh ones again but due to competition he submitted 6 designs(just casual modifications) , then again to compete him i also submitted 8 fresh ones but again to my grievance he submitted the same amount … this carried on till the end of submitting them, we landed 50 designs each at the end .. both of us in anticipation of winning it waited few days for the client to make his decision….
But what happened in the end was the client refunded the project …  we became total jackass. This race was refunded that means all our fuel was wasted and something very precious that is ‘time’ was wasted too.
At the end i was laughing at this GOOF RACE CASE.

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