Menu Card : May 2010

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Here again dates forwarded into the next month…

STARTERS – Month flagged off with a high level of expectation and willingness to grab contracts.

MAIN COURSE – The Call from the last month did the trick with me engaging in the project which they forwarded. Yet again i was surprised that i was making an artwork for one of the city’s biggest organization named Grand Master Choa’s Pranic Healing Welfare Association. The artwork was finalized and delivered –
I was really excited while working for the project and then chipped in with a few more contest entries in the later part of the month of which some had results pending thus carrying the result period to the next month.

SIZZLERS – The particular “seconds” when i came to know that the contract was also some kind of a contest.

DESSERT – Opportunity to work for such a renowned organization.

ULTIMATE BILL – Satisfaction.

Sorry, no tips here too…


Menu Card : April 2010

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Dates re-newed the month…

STARTERS – Considering the past month, i was more optimistic and extremely motivated to get loads of contracts.

MAIN COURSE – Again i flagged off with chipping in with contest entries but i was also upto 3D interior work alongside. Again all entries remained as entries with some shortlisted and then listed out. The mixing of 3D with the entries kept the motivation level on the highs. Although a bit of dis-appointed kept blowing in the air as entries remained entries. Surprised !! as i was on the day i received a call for some artwork, but late it was as the calendar month was almost ending.

SIZZLERS – Again the waiting period for entries converting into contracts was quite lengthy.

DESSERT – The Call received near the end of the month with skills getting honed.

ULTIMATE BILL – Not fully satisfactory.

Scope of tips here – None.

Menu Card : March 2010

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Calendar flipped again…

STARTERS – Month flagged off with refueled motivation cylinders.

MAIN COURSE – With no previous contracts pending, i started chipping in with contest entries where few of my entries were shortlisted, but none got developed into contracts. I was getting a bit of demoralized but constant shortlisting and few direct contracts filings helped in keeping morale on highs which was getting diffused on the other end. This month i was a bit into interiors too making 3D Model Bedrooms containing light effects.

SIZZLERS – Entries getting shortlisted but also making out of the list after a long waiting time.

DESSERT – Skills getting honed.

ULTIMATE BILL – Satisfaction.

No scope of tips outta here…

Menu Card : February 2010

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We glide into the next month…

STARTERS – Month flagged off with continued revisions and with keeping in mind that i should try to gather a trunk-full of contracts. But the grumpy old sayings  “ that its not always we get what we estimate of ” never leaves anyone alone who actually have read this line.

MAIN COURSE – Again i chipped in with few contest entries with revisions continuing in the shadows but was a bit unsuccessful in those, but one fine morning when i opened my e-mail i saw a contract message for a logo design from a Poland based firm, well i was excited and eager to work upon. With the agreement taking in place, we had a continuous exchange of ideas and designs via e-mails till a final one was selected. The logo was for an Accounting Office called DUO –
Coming back to the logo for Crescendo, we had numerous amount of revisions until we were satisfied. The final logo for Crescendo International Violin School was renamed as Crescendo International Violin Academy – The month ended with completion of these 2 contracts and few pending contest entries yet to be decided upon.

SIZZLERS – Paypal Withdrawal issues with India.

DESSERT – Completion of the contracts.

ULTIMATE BILL – Satisfaction.

Sorry, here no tips are being provided…

Menu Card : January 2010

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Here we are coming to end of the year and i was out of blogging and socializing from this very month. I am really very sorry for my absence in the blog.

STARTERS – Well,  started the year with a bang !! (adrenaline rushing) after a long gap of 2 months which included a month off and next December which was full of celebrations, my big bro’ s wedding followed with Christmas and New Year.

MAIN COURSE – Having an enthusiasm and passion for designing, i chipped in with few contests entries, some failed and some passed in the test of creativity but one design succeed in getting the contract. I kept on making the revisions without knowing exactly whom i was working for except the name Maestro. I never knew the intensity of the  surprise i was gonna get, surprise!! surprise!! i was designing a logo for the No.1 world-renowned expert in audition training for strings – Prof. Hrachya Harutyunian, and the Founder and CEO of the “Crescendo” International Violin School.
I was unable to believe what i was reading, i feel fortunate to get a chance for making a logo for such a great person.
The revisions were in progress so was the calendar until we reached a point where we got the “Bunny outta Hat” meaning the best result.
Almost the whole month was fueled revisions and it ended with utmost satisfaction.

SIZZLERS – Basically the hard part i faced was the change in my time of sleep.

DESSERT – Opportunity to work with and for such a renowned person.

ULTIMATE BILL – Satisfaction.

Sorry no tips provided out here…

Diamond Shaped Business Card

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Innovation is the key in designing. I had recently designed a diamond shaped business card for a firm which deals in jewelry basically in diamonds.

Can Double-Dip Recession hit Game Industry ?

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A very idiotic question as per current economic situation !! Well be prepared as this topic can become popular and may turn into a reality in coming times as there is fears of double dip recession which can cause more economic turnarounds resulting in another round of job cuts and added unemployment.

The developing Game Industry survived the first wave of economic downturn with some bruises like reduction in production of games on year on year (YoY) basis and also cementation in number of employees. It has restarted its expansion programs and hiring of new employees as the economy is stabilizing.
But it is very certain that it won’t be able to withstand the second wave as its requirements of large capital base will not be met due to unhealthy economic concerns. The major consequences will be job cuts and more unemployment and even less production of games.