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An Illusion Undefined!

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

There are many separate ways to view the illusion which is faced by us, say for example an Oasis. Though very generic as example, but the people who face or have the opportunity to do so seem to be a little shocked after seeing it even if they know about such simple illusions.
Well that covered the general illusion, what about the colors. They also play a major part. The color combination which exists or made sometimes looks too gaudy or too dull due to certain properties of the base color. Seemingly most preferred combination is of black on white or vice verse as neither of colors influence or change each others base color properties.
Lets take into view a case which can easily define illusion of colors –

Case ACASE [A]

Here we can easily say (taking into the black on blue part) is that the black is the dominant one and affects the blue’s property making it look a bit too dark and irritating to eye if continuously looked into. A person can say the blue has become a little darker but it is not so.  But how, this is undefined.

Case BCASE [B]

Here on the other hand white is dominant and makes the image lively and fresh to look at. Oh! what about the blue.. here the white makes the blue tone seem little lighter.
How can this be possible as both are written on the same blue color !!
How can black make the blue seem darker & white seems to make it lighter?
The grand word is ‘Illusion’ .
This is a very generic thing which we face in daily life, like apparels bought from a darker ambient store feels lighter in color in daylight and vice verse.
This word is very tough to define other than simple use of alphabets.

Don’t you think this is true ?