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Can Double-Dip Recession hit Game Industry ?

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

A very idiotic question as per current economic situation !! Well be prepared as this topic can become popular and may turn into a reality in coming times as there is fears of double dip recession which can cause more economic turnarounds resulting in another round of job cuts and added unemployment.

The developing Game Industry survived the first wave of economic downturn with some bruises like reduction in production of games on year on year (YoY) basis and also cementation in number of employees. It has restarted its expansion programs and hiring of new employees as the economy is stabilizing.
But it is very certain that it won’t be able to withstand the second wave as its requirements of large capital base will not be met due to unhealthy economic concerns. The major consequences will be job cuts and more unemployment and even less production of games.


” Institutes Or Businesses “

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

“3d world is very wonderful place. Creativity the main key or you are hammered out of it.”  — well said, but first its the institutes or collages from where we get the basic knowledge on how to impart our creativity.
But this is turning out to be very unjust and unfair as many many institutes are providing courses for a certain price which is a business for them irrelevant whether the knowledge is provided or not.
They offer courses as a general business which would carry out it activities to maximize ” PROFIT “. Process is a bit different here but it is now becoming a really good profit making procedure.
No attention is paid, no complaints are solved, no hearing of the students.
Well if one is lucky enough he can reap out the principle amount paid otherwise its total failure since after the degree since one cant find a job due to its blooming status in the current economy chart.
This field is great and much more attractive if one has proper guidance.
Well to sum it up, it can be said that the 3d institutes are now basically inclined to money making businesses rather than proper knowledge imparting ones.

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“Grafake”(Graphic) Design Contests

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

“Graphic design contests are good if they are a good source of extra income but only if  you be the winner. ” —- A generic comment by everybody.
They certainly fill wallets with a very little time devoted for it. Basically a most fast way to earn extra if you are a designer.
Now a clear picture —-
Grafake (Graphic)  design contests are good if they are a good source of extra income but only if  there is any winner. ”
Certainly more and more websites are coming up with design contests but the holders are not picking any winner with having a huge variety of designs under their belt as entries. What next simple — don’t select a winner.
Either withdraw the contest as every site is providing 100% money back guarantee or don’t chose a winner by extending the contest.
This is very unprofessional.
So rather entering a general contest we should opt for guaranteed ones other wise we will surely land up in black marketing of designs since nobody will have any ownership of the ideas.

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An Illusion Undefined!

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

There are many separate ways to view the illusion which is faced by us, say for example an Oasis. Though very generic as example, but the people who face or have the opportunity to do so seem to be a little shocked after seeing it even if they know about such simple illusions.
Well that covered the general illusion, what about the colors. They also play a major part. The color combination which exists or made sometimes looks too gaudy or too dull due to certain properties of the base color. Seemingly most preferred combination is of black on white or vice verse as neither of colors influence or change each others base color properties.
Lets take into view a case which can easily define illusion of colors –

Case ACASE [A]

Here we can easily say (taking into the black on blue part) is that the black is the dominant one and affects the blue’s property making it look a bit too dark and irritating to eye if continuously looked into. A person can say the blue has become a little darker but it is not so.  But how, this is undefined.

Case BCASE [B]

Here on the other hand white is dominant and makes the image lively and fresh to look at. Oh! what about the blue.. here the white makes the blue tone seem little lighter.
How can this be possible as both are written on the same blue color !!
How can black make the blue seem darker & white seems to make it lighter?
The grand word is ‘Illusion’ .
This is a very generic thing which we face in daily life, like apparels bought from a darker ambient store feels lighter in color in daylight and vice verse.
This word is very tough to define other than simple use of alphabets.

Don’t you think this is true ?

Why Illustrator and why not Photoshop ?

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Why Illustrator and why not Photoshop ? is a very generic query and a big question in Designing Industry.
In the past years Photoshop had more command in the graphic industry and Illustrator remained in the shadows of Photoshop’s great overpowering features. But now the situation is not the same and is tending towards full reversal thought. But how and why ?
Photoshop has various usage and is very common still as compared to Illustrator. But now majorly every aspect is asked to be designed in Illustrator due to its VECTOR capability. But why now, Illustrator and Photoshop versions are being released simultaneously in a creative suite during past years, Why a sudden change – Does Photoshop do not provide VECTOR or is just a mental notion that every thing is wanted in RASTER format and Illustrator will suit best.
Photoshop is and was helping in design more than Illustrator and also has many more features than Illustrator.
Just due to PIXELS Photoshop is neglected and VECTOR/RASTER is preffered so use Illustrator.
This is total unjustice to Photoshop Specialists. And if any one does not know Illustrator he is out of graphic industry, this discretion is very unjustified.