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Why Illustrator and why not Photoshop ?

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Why Illustrator and why not Photoshop ? is a very generic query and a big question in Designing Industry.
In the past years Photoshop had more command in the graphic industry and Illustrator remained in the shadows of Photoshop’s great overpowering features. But now the situation is not the same and is tending towards full reversal thought. But how and why ?
Photoshop has various usage and is very common still as compared to Illustrator. But now majorly every aspect is asked to be designed in Illustrator due to its VECTOR capability. But why now, Illustrator and Photoshop versions are being released simultaneously in a creative suite during past years, Why a sudden change – Does Photoshop do not provide VECTOR or is just a mental notion that every thing is wanted in RASTER format and Illustrator will suit best.
Photoshop is and was helping in design more than Illustrator and also has many more features than Illustrator.
Just due to PIXELS Photoshop is neglected and VECTOR/RASTER is preffered so use Illustrator.
This is total unjustice to Photoshop Specialists. And if any one does not know Illustrator he is out of graphic industry, this discretion is very unjustified.