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The Big Shift

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

The main shifts in various sectors of business are experienced through its detailed financial statements and other various activities.
But what is a design blog talking about “financial and economic activities” of businesses, well a big shift has also occurred in their trademark and identifiable icons basically their logos.

All this while people were happy with generic designs and did not tend towards a more 3d looking ones. But the so called rat race between the companies have brought them to convert the 2d identity into the fast upcoming 3d ones. This has created a lot of jobs whether online or offline thus boosting the growth of many small private advertisement agencies worldwide.

Major changes are currently exercised by very large and well known companies who have to combat with the rivals to retain the public popularity via extensive ads and promotions. Well it can be said as a battle of ads to retain popularity for same type of product manufactured by them. This is one of the bigger shifts in the arena of design and company’s identity updation. It is a very costly process as designs are needed to be updated and refined enough before the actual use. All things ranging from a pen to industry or business banners has to be altered.

But this revolution (keeping apart the cost) has benefited to all in all terms of usage.